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On behalf of the Department, congratulations to Tirta Spa as it celebrates its first anniversary in the spa and wellness business. Kudos as well to your publication, Tirta Spa at One-Paving the Way to the Path of Wellness.

For Philippine tourism, 2007 has been a year of breakthroughs as visitor traffic and tourist spending soared to unprecedented levels. There is a steady influx in foreign arrivals and more and varied types of tourists are being lured to the country including golfers, divers, students, honeymooners and families. Aside from successfully bringing in longer staying tourists, the Department has also managed to push for more spending through higher value products such as wellness, education, conventions, honeymoon and shopping. As a result, more opportunities open to the industry.


Health tourism visits, beauty and fitness programs, regenerative, reconditioning and relaxing stays are dynamically growing products. Combined with accommodation, entertainment, sports and other activities these all respond to the ever changing demands of individual tourists. We are pleased that Tirta Spa is doing its share in meeting tourists’ needs. Our wellness industry welcomes companies like Tirta Spa which place high regard for quality, training and customer satisfaction.

As the Department continues to promote the country as the preferred destination for wellness, we encourage Tirta Spa to continue delivering quality services to its patrons.

We look forward to your unwavering support to Philippine tourism.

Again, congratulations and more power.


It is truly a pleasure and an honor to participate and celebrate your first anniversary with you.

The Department of Tourism supports you and all your endeavors in promoting Boracay as the place for tourist relaxation, rejuvenation, restoration and renewal retreat procedures.

Understanding how much hard work goes into research and planning to cater a complete holistic massage and package to clientele; you have succeeded in establishing a successful and sustainable brand encompassing the true flavors of diversity in The Republic of The Philippines.

So as you expand your efforts in the years to come, we will continue to work and grow the existing, established relationship so your marketing, research and promotional efforts gain maximum exposure; regionally and internationally.


We wish to continue to develop and expand The Islands of Wellness in partnership with continuous ongoing efforts as the destination for health and wellness travel. Generating people from numerous backgrounds and diversities.

With such a beautiful property and profile, Tirta caters to the complete experience of "Wellness" specific to the ‘The Republic of The Philippines' brand.

It is with much pride that The Department of Tourism applauds your efforts and looks forward to another successful year. We encourage everyone to support this Wellness Movement by gracing the industry and following in the tenacious footpath of Tirta.

More power and Mabuhay!



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tirta spa boracay island
Tirta Spa Boracay Island Online Newsletter:: Volume 1 May 2008