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tirta spa boracay island
  tirta spa boracay island

Through the years, Boracay Island has evolved into more than just a beach paradise. It has become a place where dreams are made and relationships built. Boracay is the place for beginning a new life together and that once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

Tirta Spa offers its gently sloping grounds as an alternative venue to the sand-swept beachfront. Here, exchange those life-defining vows with the quiet, private symphony of the refreshing breeze, the green carpet of grass and the gentle kiss of the sun. At this hilltop escape, together with your loved ones, you embrace the moment. The natural landscape lends itself to transformation into the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding.

To prepare you, the happy couple, for that big day, indulge in Tirta Spa’s unique “before and after” pampering treatments. The Honeymoon Package for couples, “Pulot Gata,” helps either to ease and calm your bodies on the morning of your wedding day or to relax you both after all the fun and festivities. This is a 3 and a half hour ritual, celebrating the start of a new life together. 

Tirta Spa also welcomes Bridal showers and Bachelor parties who wish to enjoy the calm and serenity of this holistic retreat.



Honeymoon ritual, from the Filipino words “Pulot” (honey) and “Gata” (milk).

Prepare for that ultimate moment of intimacy with each other as you delight in the excited anticipation of a honeymoon and a new life together. Indulge in the luxurious pre- or post-nuptial beauty rituals from the ancient royal households of Asia. 

Begin with a body scrub, a unique combination of spices, turmeric and cucurma herbs that exfoliates and cleanses the skin whilst also releasing body odors. This treatment is followed by a nourishing application of yoghurt milk, after which you will immerse yourselves in an Egyptian milk bath to renew and refresh body and soul. To bring out the radiant best in you, the luxurious Golden Caviar facial refines pores and firms facial skin leaving you rejuvenated and projecting the glow of marital bliss. Finally, to ensure complete calm and relaxation, submit yourselves to the soothing Tirta Signature massage.


The Philippines is rich in ancient wellness rituals that have made good use of the bounty of local herbs, roots and spices. Tirta Spa has been created as a holistic Filipino retreat, paying attention not only to superficial beauty or vanity, but also focusing on spiritual grounding and the beauty within us. From therapeutic massages to healing rites and aesthetic beauty secrets, experience the unique ceremonies that, over centuries, have added mystique to this colorful culture.

Both of these treatments end with a local ancient therapeutic Filipino “Hilot” massage. The therapist begins this treatment by scanning your back, searching for imbalances in the body. Then, any tension detected will be relieved as the therapist slowly applies pressure to those specific points of the body which need to be de-stressed, leaving you feeling balanced once again. Applying the therapeutic oil that you select, supplements the “Hilot” treatment and helps to regulate the body’s temperature. Combining chiropractic methods and ancient Filipino meditation techniques, the Tirta Hilot not only helps to alleviate muscle tension, but is also a remedy for easing painful joints and generally assists in preventing illness.

Luya at Calamansi    2.5 hrs

A uniquely Filipino treatment to exfoliate the skin and achieve a radiant glow. Firstly, the body is scrubbed with a combination of the indigenous root crop “luya” (ginger), combined with “calamansi” (a local variety of lime). The heat-generating properties of the “luya” balance internal energy, while the cleansing effect of “calamansi” roughs off dead skin.

Mount Banahaw   3.5 hrs

Firstly, enjoy the Filipino “luya at calamansi” exfoliating body scrub, which results in a fresh, glowing skin. After this treatment, you will be enveloped in an exotic body wrap so that the rejuvenating properties of the Pandan leaves, known for its anti-diabetic elements and healing power against skin diseases, can penetrate deeply into your body.

After rinsing, dip yourself in a therapeutic Banahaw herbal tea bath (tanglad, sambong, manzanilla and banaba) renown for its antiseptic qualities and also as an aid in lowering cholesterol, improving the digestive and respiratory systems, correcting hormonal imbalances and lifting d epression. Regenerate your skin in a distinctly local fashion as you harmonize mind, body and soul to balance that energy within.

Then surrender to the ancient Filipino therapeutic and chiropractic massage called “Hilot”. Relieve muscular stress and body joint pains in a slow but steady massage that focuses on specific pressure points in the body to achieve calm and relaxation.

The treatment ends with a cup of native Sambong Tea to cleanse you from within. A truly Filipino treat!  


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tirta spa boracay island
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