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tirta spa boracay island
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On the 8th of April this year, Tirta Spa, the labour of my love, celebrated its first year anniversary. Happily, despite minimal marketing efforts, positive word of mouth has proven most helpful in spreading the news about 'that great hide-away spa'.

We are flattered by the great cross-section of visitors whom we have welcomed and the excellent feedback they have given on our services, landscape and architecture, that all combine to ensure that they enjoy a unique, holistic and rejuvenating experience.

I look back and realise it was seven years ago when I first enrolled in college in Hong Kong, which was my home at that time, to learn about wellness and where, after four years of study, I earned diplomas from internationally-recognized wellness institutions such as ITEC and CIBTAC.

After formal studies, I was fortunate to have been able to travel to many other parts of the world to further the first-hand learning process as I savoured countless spa treatments.

Today, Tirta Spa is a testament to the passion I have always nurtured – the desire to make it possible for people to experience natural rest and rejuvenation and what I believe should be an indispensable part of modern day living.

Thus far, it has been an amazing journey.

To those who have yet to visit us, it is with pleasure that I invite you to come and rest and re-charge your weary minds and souls. Allow Tirta Spa to make your stay on Boracay Island a most memorable one.

To those who have experienced our services, a most humble thank you. 'Salamat po' for travelling that extra mile to come to our quiet hide-away and discover something new. 'Salamat po' for your many encouraging words and also for sharing your experiences with family, friends and business associates around the world. It makes me happy and proud that so many of you have enjoyed the dedication and love offered by all of us at Tirta Spa - Mabuhay!





What a difference a year makes! It seems only yesterday that Tirta Spa made its quiet debut on the premier paradise island in the country and, almost as quietly as it began business, it now becomes one year old. As with any new baby, this is indeed cause for joyous celebration.

Finally, the initial operational kinks have been ironed out. The spa’s website is up and having its share of steady hits. The landscape of the one-hectare estate is now lush with greenery. The customers have consistently been rating the service as excellent. Word is fast being passed around that one really must visit this unique, holistic hide-away spa. Everything certainly points to a healthy, good start.

Tirta Spa, riding on the heels of a booming Philippine tourism industry, meets the growing demands of travellers for pampering and rejuvenation. With its stunning, windswept seascape that overlooks Crocodile Island, it is a place unlike any other on Boracay. Intentionally away from the rowdy beachfront, it is indeed a destination for quiet peace and relaxation on the island.

Encouraged by the enthusiastic feedback from its growing list of patrons, both local and foreign alike, Tirta Spa remains committed to providing world-class spa services.

The local spa industry still has a long way to go when compared to neighboring countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. Nevertheless Tirta Spa is doing its share to contribute to the growth of this promising industry in this country.

2008 is yet another year of challenges. However, Tirta Spa, having found its competitive footing amidst the many attractions that the island has to offer, remains consistent in answering the need for natural wellness and rejuvenation for the traveller in everyone.




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tirta spa boracay island
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