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With any serious business venture, training the work force is an important component, dictating either success or failure. Maintaining skill sets at higher levels than the market standard determines which players stay ahead of their game and which fall by the wayside. En Calvert, proprietor of Tirta Spa, knows this all too well.

En states, “Running a spa business in itself is particularly challenging not least because our service involves direct human touch - the kneading of the muscles, the massage itself, application of treatments, aromatherapy – these therapies involve all the senses of any individual. For this reason, satisfaction is very personal to the requirements of each and every client. Hence we also need to take our service to a very personal level that is sensitive, scientific and satisfying. All these aspects require continuous training, tuning the minds and honing the skills of all Tirta Spa therapists.”

Having experienced first-hand the services of spas the world over, En takes a direct role in training her therapists. Her academic qualifications, experience and exposure to a wide variety of spas have ingrained in her the knowledge of many different techniques that she selflessly passes on to her therapists, ensuring ultimate satisfaction for each client. It takes months of daily training under her supervision before a therapist is qualified to administer treatment to a client. A complete understanding of delivering total satisfaction to each valued patron is the first lesson instilled into each therapist. Even after a therapist is qualified to take care of clients, feedback forms, completed by each client after their treatment, are continuously discussed in meetings between En and her staff, so that any constructive criticism can be addressed and the relevant skills upgraded. Comments are taken very seriously and adjustments made where necessary.

Interestingly, En values her Tirta therapists so greatly that they live in staff housing on the Tirta Spa estate. “We need to ensure that they are properly sheltered, keep a well-balanced diet and take proper care not to injure their hands with laborious manual work with which they might help were they living at home. After all, a therapist’s hands are their most important asset. If they feel good about themselves, they will also deliver the best to clients. We realize the importance of this in this kind of business,” stresses En.

“We are not just a run-of-the-mill spa. We are a world-class spa located on one of the best beaches in the world and we intend to deliver only the best,” adds En. With this mindset, Tirta Spa indeed deserves to serve as an ambassador for the excellence that can be found in both the Filipino entrepreneur and their workforce.

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tirta spa boracay island
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