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2 Hour Blissful Massage Combination

With or without shower, total treatment is 2 hours. Fusion touches of massage techniques chosen by your assigned therapist according to your specific needs.

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Tirta Stress Relieving Massage
(medium pressure)

2 hours . . . . . AED 800

Head-To-Toe Massage

Combination of Foot Reflexology and a Tirta Signature Massage. Before your massage, your feet will be scrubbed and dipped into a foot soak of warm water and aromatherapy oil, enabling the smooth flow of energy, improving circulation and easing discomfort.


Head massage, whole body signature massage and foot reflexology.

2 hours . . . . . AED 800

Scalp Ritual package

Body massage with Pure Argan Hot Oil Serum Scalp Treatment with Hair Cream Spa and full body massage Well-blended pure aromatherapy oil is heated and gently massaged into the scalp, for deep relaxation and symmetry

Body Massage with Scalp ritual
(using Argan Hot Oil Serum scalp treatment)

2 hours . . . . . AED 850

Chocolate’ Fondue Body Massage

Here's a fun and healthy way to enjoy chocolate, without the guilt! This soothing treatment nourishes the skin as it relaxes the whole body, resulting in a clearer complexion and a totally hydrated and younger-looking skin. This is best for those who are constantly tense and want to rid themselves of stress and cellulites.

Chocolate’ Fondue Body Massage
(With steam and shower)

2 hours . . . . . AED 800

Hot Puka Shell Massage Combination

Heated shell combined with Hilot massage. The warmth that the seashells emit and the energy of the vibrations from the frequency that they transmit, inspire a state of deep relaxation and holistic meditation. This treatment will most certainly reduce stress and anxiety, lift depression, remove toxins from one's cells and enhance blood flow, thereby unlocking bad energy.

Hot Stone Massage or Hot Puka Shell with Hilot Massage Combination

2 hours . . . . . AED 850


“A foot scrub ritual and relaxation with a herbal tea drink are included in all treatment time, in one of our luxurious Royal Suite treatment rooms”

tirta spa dubai