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We are pleased to offer you up to 50% DISCOUNT on our absolutely fabulous SPA TREATMENTS AND PACKAGES


2 hours . . . . . AED 800

A Massage with a choice of Deluxe Facial or a Body ritual treatment package.

The whole package is a choice of a facial, or a body scrub or a body mask, (with steam detoxification and shower, for body ritual only) and a one hour whole body massage, including a foot ritual, drinking of home made hot ginger tea and changing of clothes (total of 2 hours)


2 hours . . . . . AED 980

Seaweed Body Wrap and Hot Puka Shell Massage

The treatment begins with a seaweed body mask, with ingredients sourced from the garden beneath the sea and applied all over your body by a therapist. The finest quality seaweed, harvested in unpolluted waters at the most nutritious point of the plant's growth cycle, means that the client enjoys both the benefits of the highest quality ingredients and derives the best value. The chlorophyll and high iodine content of the seaweed family stimulate both metabolism and circulation, reducing cellulite and fluid retention and resulting in better skin cell regeneration and improved balance within. Following the body mask, you continue to detox in the hot bath with sea salt to deeply penetrate the complete ingredients in your body, after which you will be rinsed under a Vichy rain shower.

After that, you then return to your massage bed to experience our ECO-FRIENDLY HOT PUKA SHELL MASSAGE - it is a medium pressure therapy and an excellent choice for deeper relaxation and meditation. The hot shells also encourage the removal of toxin from cells and help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

The rejuvenating, healing power of the ocean is then applied to the body in the form of the hot puka sea-shells, which act as an exfoliant. Your therapist will add the massage oil of your choice, blended from the highest quality essential oils and heated, serving to enhance the healing benefits of this Hot Puka Sea-Shell Massage and ensuring that you experience the healing power of the sea.

3 Hour (Body and Face) Pampering Package

AED 1,200

The 3 hour package includes
a Body Scrub
a Body Massage and
a Facial

Body Scrub Polish : a choice of - Mulberry (detoxifying) / Rose (nourishing) / Chamomile (stress relieving) / Lavender (relaxing) / Gold (beautifying)

4 Hour (Body and Face) Luxury Package

AED 1,600

The 4 hour package includes
a Body Scrub
a Body Warp
a Body Massage and
a Facial

Body Scrub Polish : a choice of - Mulberry (detoxifying) / Rose (nourishing) / Chamomile (stress relieving) / Lavender (relaxing) / Gold (beautifying)

Body Mask and Wrap : Both detoxifying and nourishing; a choice of – Dead Sea Clay Mask / Golden Honey Mask

tirta spa dubai