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2 hours & 45 minutes

This package begins with a flower body scrub, followed by a luxurious bath using the highest quality efficacious essential oil blends that will leave you with the feeling of a natural high. The treatment ends with a Tirta Signature Massage employing an aromatherapy massage technique that will allow you to experience a new dimension of holistic treatment.

Choose from our own blends depending on your mood and how you want to feel today. The blend that you select will ensure your mood during your scrub, whilst luxuriating in your bath and for your massage.

Choose from the following blends:
Simply Happy , Party mood or Deep Tranquility

Our 3-hour Aromatherapy Body Rituals


3 hours & 30 minutes

A vitalizing and purifying treat, Tirta Spa's Flower Power therapy is a special body treatment that combines the essences of Ylang-Ylang and Lavender to calm the nerves. The luxurious fragrance completes the deeply relaxing experience of pure indulgence! Soak in a refreshing bath of hand picked exotic petals and, as you immerse yourself, experience the release of your inner beauty.

A series of deeply soothing and relaxing treatments have been carefully designed to create a package that intends to awaken the body, renew it and restore vitality.

This package guarantees satisfaction from head to toe, including:

Hot ginger tea drink
Foot scrub ritual
Relaxing lavender body scrub
Sensuous ylang-ylang body wrap
Vichy rain shower
Flower hot bath with chosen essential oils
Tirta signature Aromatherapy massage


2 hours & 45 minutes

A symbol of love and passion, designed for couples only.

A LOVE POTION that will definitely work for couples! The treatment begins with mild Rose body scrub, after which you will be rinsed under your Vichy rain shower, followed by a luxurious aromatherapy flower bath and ending with a Tirta Signature Massage. Rose, the water element is a Goddess herb flower belonging to Venus and symbolizes love, passion and beauty. The secret love potion oil blend of high quality, exotic ingredients is mixed with your scrub, added to your hot bath and used as your massage oil.

This aromatherapeutic aphrodisiac treatment package is a deeply relaxing therapy for both mind and body, aiding meditation and allowing you to escape from the real world. Leave, after your treatment, through our mystical gate, with a smile on your face – the perfect conclusion to a day with that special person.

Rules of the Bath

Bathe for no longer than 20 minutes, staying in the tub longer dries out the skin.

Never take a bath on a full stomach; it irritates the digestive system.

Therapeutic Effect

Combining a bath with high quality essential oil can both soothe the spirit and heal the body. The medicinal effects of your bath will vary according to the essential oil chosen.