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Biodroga Treatments

Our BIODROGA products are manufactured exclusively in Baden-Baden, Germany. It offer the perfect solution for every skin need, using only natural ingredients that will repair skin damage and pore-refining treatments that pampers the skin in total LUXURY


30 minutes Php 2,440 nett / person

An ideal treatment that can be taken on its own or combined with any Biodroga signature facial. After cleansing, the eye contours are moisturized and treated with a special mask containing algae and plant extracts. Designed to care for and protect the sensitive area around the eyes, this treatment results in reduced puffiness caused by stress for a more balanced and refreshed appearance.


1 hour & 30 minutes Php 4,575 nett / person

For a more vital, balanced and fresh skin this signature treatment, which contains Gingko Biloba extract, is designed specifically for a man's skin needs. Gingko Biloba is one of the oldest living plant species and has been traditionally used to treat and improve circulatory disorders. After cleansing and exfoliation the skin is treated with a concentrate and mask, which results in a revitalized and fresh look. To ensure complete relaxation, the treatment is then concluded with a Biodroga acupressure facial massage with essential oils.


1 hour & 30 minutes Php 4,575 nett / person

Using a unique Biodroga repair complex to activate the skin cells' natural ability to regenerate, this treatment is ideal for anyone about to 'hit the beach' or those who need to soothe their sun-damaged skin. After mild cleansing, a Biodroga 'repair' concentrate and vitamin honey mask are applied to the skin to cool and soothe it. After which, a 'repair' facial moisturizer is then applied to complete the treatment.


1 hour & 30 minutes Php 4,575 nett / person

A Biodroga signature treatment designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while facial contours look smoother and firmer. This treatment is available to all skin types. After cleansing and exfoliation, a firming mask is applied to the skin then an acupressure massage with relaxing essential oils follows. The treatment is completed with the application of Biodroga Anti-Time Lifting Fluid.


1 hour & 30 minutes Php 5,185 nett / person

An intensive pore-refining treatment that pampers the skin, leaving you basking in total luxury. Caviar's unique properties are generally used on the skin to promote vitality and resilience, giving it a refined, more even and fresher look. After cleansing and exfoliation, the skin is treated to Biodroga's unique Caviar pore-refining fluid. After leaving on the skin for a few minutes, it is washed off and the treatment is concluded with a firming mask and a Biodroga acupressure facial massage.

“A foot scrub ritual and relaxation with a herbal tea drink are included in all treatment time, in one of our luxurious Royal Suite Villas”