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Body Wrap

The body is literally wrapped in a sheet, soaked in an herbal concoction for several minutes and a head and scalp massage follows this process. The complete treatment detoxifies the system, soothes the muscles and re-hydrates the skin.


1 hour Php 3,965 nett / person

This invigorating and naturally fragrant treatment is wild green honey with a blend of pure essential oils to gently hydrate and firm the skin, particularly good for dry and mature skin or after sun exposure. The green honey, which contains chlorophyll, is one of nature's most potent "healing colours". Dull skin will be rinsed away leaving your skin smooth, healthy and velvety soft.


1 hour Php 3,965 nett / person

Using the naturally potent and therapeutic combination of young coconut and pandan leaves, give your tired skin a healthy boost with this refreshing body treatment. The effect of the wrap is to help to heal and regenerate your mind and body.


1 hour Php 3,965 nett / person

Let yourself be cocooned in a warm sheet that has been soaked in our special recipe of exotic herbs designed to draw out skin impurities leaving your skin smooth and young-looking. Feel your body absorbing the nourishment and emerge revitalized.


1 hour Php 3,965 nett / person

This treatment originated centuries ago in the rice-farming villages of Bali, Indonesia, as a remedy for aches and pains. It involves a body-warming scrub, using a blend of herbs and spices and is the most effective and natural deep heat spa experience. A paste is applied to the body which is then wrapped to allow the skin to absorb the natural ingredients. The sensation of deep heat produced by Boreh assists in total detoxification and is known to reduce fever. This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women nor those suffering from sun burn.

“A foot scrub ritual and relaxation with a herbal tea drink are included in all treatment time, in one of our luxurious Royal Suite Villas”