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Secret Potion

Couples Retreat – Ideal for sharing with the loved one in one of our royal suite villas designed for couples

Couples Retreat (Secret Potion)

2 hours & 45 minutes Php 16,470 nett / couple

Whilst on the island, pamper your body, mind and soul, not only by soaking up the sun on the most awe-inspiring, white beach in the world, but by luxuriating too at the best day spa in Asia and enjoy a holiday like no other. Spend quality time relaxing with that someone special and enjoy the high-quality services and pampering of one of Tirta Spa’s signature packages for couples. This great gift idea for each other will leave you both feeling on top of the world.

"...the Goddess of Love descends on Boracay - the perfect opportunity to celebrate your love together in style at Tirta Spa!"


A therapy, based on a love potion, designed especially for couples in love! The treatment begins with a mild Rose body scrub, after which you will be rinsed under a Vichy rain shower. A sumptuous aromatherapy flower bath follows and the treatment ends with a revitalizing Tirta Signature Massage.

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Rose, a water element, is the flower of the goddess Venus, symbolizing love, passion and beauty.

Using a sensuous blend of Rose, exfoliation roughs off tired skin, leaving you with a glowing complexion. The natural healing properties of this package, with its aphrodisiac qualities, ensure a deeply relaxing therapy for both mind and body, aiding meditation and allowing you an escape from the real world.

The secret love potion oil is a blend of the highest quality, exotic ingredients and is mixed with your scrub, added to your hot bath and used as your massage oil.

Leave, after your treatment, through our mystical gate, with smiles on your faces - the perfect conclusion to a day spent with that special person.

This 2 hours and 45 minutes treatment, a symbol of love and passion, designed specifically for couples.

“A foot scrub ritual and relaxation with a herbal tea drink are included in all treatment time, in one of our luxurious Royal Suite Villas”