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Discover the "TIRTA SPA - EARTH DAY, EVERYDAY" campaign and enjoy our promotional discounts. To enjoy the discount, kindly read the terms and conditions

Please mention this promo code:
"Tirta Spa - Earth Day, Everyday Discount”

(To enjoy this discount, kindly follow the procedure below and, for the purposes of our website marketing campaign, mention the promo code.)

In Harmony with Nature

As a general rule, a spa should always be set in a peaceful, holistic and ecologically friendly environment. With this in mind, Ms. En Calvert, the owner and spa director, envisaged developing Tirta Spa & Prashant Spa Pavilion, from the moment the project was conceived, through construction and, most especially, during day-to-day operations, with respect for and in harmony with the environment.

Receive discounts as part of the “TIRTA SPA - EARTH DAY, EVERYDAY” campaign and lend your support to our contributions towards the island's well-being.

Help the planet, help Boracay Island and plant an unforgettable memory of a truly luxurious spa experience in your heart, mind, body and soul.

Enjoy a 10% discount when participating in our “no shower, either before or after treatment” policy as part of the “TIRTA SPA – EARTH DAY, EVERYDAY” campaign.
(This offer is only valid for non-water treatment therapies, such as massages and facial packages).



Save water. To enjoy the maximum length of time for your massage, we encourage you not to shower before the treatment. So please shower before you arrive for your appointment.


In order to gain maximum therapeutic benefits from our high-quality essential oils and to feel the nourishing effect of the sweet almond base oil that we use for your massage, we strongly advise you not to shower for at least two to three (2-3) hours after the end of your massage treatment.

What’s in it for you?

In return for the savings that you help us to make, we shall be able to spend more time on your massage treatment and apply a 10% "TIRTA SPA - EARTH DAY, EVERYDAY" discount to the price of your treatment.

Allowing the oils to fully penetrate in your skin for a few hours after your treatment has finished, will also assist in skin re-hydration, aid relaxation and help to boost your immune system. You are visiting a spa in search of wellness benefits and relaxation, so allow us to spend the time that you would have spent showering, treating you with our high-quality, bespoke Tirta Spa massage oil blends.

Not only will you benefit, but by conserving water and cutting down on the use of soap and washing powder for laundry, together we are playing our part in the “Tirta Spa Earth Day Everyday Campaign,” protecting our island and healing the earth and for your participation, we are very grateful indeed.

Terms and Conditions:

To enjoy the discount, kindly mention “TIRTA SPA - EARTH DAY, EVERYDAY" discount promotion. Direct bookings only - Please be advised that bookings for this promotion are accepted only if made directly by the client, on a first come, first served, walk-in basis.

Appointment times should be between 9 am - 4pm

At the lobby, Tirta Spa receptionists will be happy to assist you in choosing from the selection of current promotions and to guide you in detail through the menus of discounted treatment packages.

Please call or email Tirta Spa directly, in advance, to check availability and arrive punctually for your appointment so that we can ensure that subsequent appointments may be kept in a timely manner.

Please be advised that discount promotions, unless otherwise specified, are not valid during Peak and High Peak Season.

Kindly call Tirta Spa directly or email us to ask about any ongoing discount promotions.

We are happy to assist you in choosing treatments and packages from the selection of current promotions and to guide you in detail through the menu of discounted treatment packages.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused if your preferred appointment date falls during the seasons when discount promotions are not valid.

Seasons Schedule:

Peak Season rates are applicable from 1st November to 31st May inclusive.

High Peak Season rates are applicable from 20th December to 15th January inclusive and, additionally, during the weeks of Chinese Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, Holy Week, Japan/China Golden Week and Hallowe’en.

Important Note:

Please note that in order to enjoy promotional discounts, clients are respectfully requested to make bookings directly with Tirta Spa.

In order for us to avoid paying unnecessary commissions to "tour guides" and to the “front desk officers” of some resorts with whom Tirta Spa have yet to established a business relationship, we should like to encourage you to direct your enquiries and make your bookings with Tirta Spa personally. In this way we shall continue to be able to offer savings to you, the client, in the form of our promotional discounts.


Should you wish to see our spa menu, we have brochures both at your resort and distributed around the island. After reading, please either pass our flyers or brochures to friends back home or return them to the front desk of your resort for the use of other guests. In any case, please dispose of them responsibly! Let’s keep Boracay Island’s environment clean and green!


Be well and show your concern for the environment with a green concept, wellness holiday on the island


When visiting the island, you, our discerning client, deserve to be introduced to and enjoy and appreciate the very best experiences, offering value for money. Not only can you be part of the subtle contributions of the green concept of “TIRTA SPA - EARTH DAY, EVERYDAY” campaign, but also, at the same time, ensure that you derive the maximum benefit from time on Boracay Island with a clear conscience!

Thank you, sincerely, for considering being part of our “TIRTA SPA – EARTH DAY, EVERYDAY” campaign programme, as we try to play our part in the environmental protection of Boracay Island.

At Tirta Spa, we aim to ensure that your seaside escape in paradise is one that you will never forget!