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Family Spa Experience

Now you can treat yourselves, together with the kids, to a family spa experience!

Children from 7-12 years old are welcome to join their parents in one of our Royal Suite Villas between 9am to 2pm and the kids will enjoy a 1 hr & 30 mins treatment of a Chocolate Fondue Scrub and Tirta Signature Massage, for the price of just Php 3,000 nett / kid.

Parents may either bring their own maid/babysitter or, alternatively, we can provide some basic maid supervision for which there is no charge, though gratuities will, of course, be most gratefully received by our staff!

Should you wish to bring your own maid/babysitter with you, we respectfully request you to explain to them about the "spa ambience" so that they understand that the silence and serenity which we offer should not be disturbed.