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The Tirta Spa environment is a haven of tranquility far removed from the stresses of daily life and, with this is mind, we respectfully request you to switch off your mobile phones and lower your voices, particularly when conversing in the vicinity of the treatment villa.

Please do not bring any valuables to your spa appointment. Tirta Spa will not be responsible for any loss of your jewellery, cell phone or money or damage to your property. You have probably lost your valuables somewhere else, so we would only want to prevent you from blaming it on our staff.

Neither smoking nor the consumption of alcohol are permitted in any area of the spa.

Gentlemen, may we recommend that you shave your face prior to any treatment.

Our facilities and equipment are meticulously sterilized and sanitized every after use.

We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer a tour of the facilities prior to you making an appointment, as this would disturb clients who are enjoying treatment at the time.


In order to maintain the calm and serenity and not to disturb other clients having their spa treatment, which is such an important part of this holistic retreat, we are unable to invite young children onto the spa premises, unless the children would avail our Chocolate Fondue spa treatment designed for children(1 hour Php 3,000 / per child).
We respectfully ask guests to make arrangements accordingly.
Parents may either bring their own maid or babysitter or, alternatively, we can provide some basic maid supervision or baby-sitting services at the spa for which we charge Php 200 minimum per hour.

Your comfort and satisfaction and for you to enjoy and experience the serenity of the spa is of the utmost importance to us, so please do not hesitate to let us know if in anyway we do not meet your requirements or expectations.


Please visit us at your own convenience. However, kindly be advised that reservations will be confirmed only on a first come, first served, walk-in basis.

This allows us to ensure that subsequent appointments may be kept in a timely manner. Please call us directly, in advance, to check availability.

We apologize for the need to implement such a strict policy, but we only have 3 Royal Suite Villas and on many occasions, we have turned disappointed clients away, in the belief that we were fully booked, only to find that clients with existing appointments had participated in some other activities on the island, had forgotten their appointment and failed to show up at all, or had become ill. Regrettably none of these clients were courteous enough to call and cancel their bookings with the appropriate notice, which resulted in us losing vital business.


We are pleased to accept reservations made online at anytime. However, we are unable to guarantee a reservation until FULL payment is received. If you would like a confirm booking appointment, kindly find our 2 options below and the terms and conditions:


If you are happy to pay in advance in order for us to confirm your booking reservation, kindly let us know and we shall send you the details and procedure for remitting funds.



If you would like a confirm booking reservation, we shall send one of our staffs to meet you at the lobby of your resort and collect advance payment in full, so that we can block the appointment time that you prefer and immediately confirm your reservation to you.

We accept both cash and credit cards (Visa/Master card) as payment).


Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment, to check-in and to complete your health information form. Late arrival may shorten your treatment time, as we need to accommodate subsequent bookings punctually and in a timely manner.


Once the transfer has been made and/or payment has been received, we shall confirm your appointment immediately, after which cancellation is no longer permitted.

We shall email to you our Treatment Service Voucher (if payment made on line)or give you an Appointment Card (if payment made on the island), which will serve as confirmation of your reservation and which should be presented to the Tirta Spa receptionist upon your arrival at the Tirta Spa lobby on Boracay.


In order to ensure everyone's safety and well‐being, please notify our spa consultants should you have any health concerns e.g. hypertension, pregnancy, or any skin diseases.


If you wish to continue your treatment at home, all our spa products, such as pure essential oils and carrier oils, are available in our "SPA RETAIL THERAPY SHOP".


Give the gift of comfort to your Spa‐addict friends and loved ones by availing of Tirta Gift Certificates - an ideal present for everyone who needs to take a break.


Whilst not in any way compulsory, a gratuity for your therapist as a token of appreciation is always greatly appreciated.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you as our guest at TIRTA SPA.