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Tirta Spa Hot Puka Shell

Hot Puka Shell Massage

The most ECO-FRIENDLY TREATMENT in all holistic therapy today!

Alleviate stress at Tirta Spa and enjoy our ECO-FRIENDLY TREATMENT, benefitting from the healing elements and power of the ocean! This Hot Puka Sea-Shell treatment offers a blissful, beneficial blessing from the ocean and is used to balance internal energy. This eco-friendly Hot Puka Sea-Shell Massage Therapy tool is being offered only by the most high profile spas around the world and is rapidly growing in popularity amongst celebrity clients in both the US and the UK.



1 hr & 30 mins Php 4,000 nett per person


2 hours Php 5,800 nett per person

The clam shell provides warmth and, in turn, emotional healing and deep tranquility for your soul. The natural, self-heating technology, dried kelp and algae from the underwater forests that we use inside the shells, create a constant, reliable and powerful heat, without the use of electricity and emit the scent of the ocean, allowing your mind to drift off to thoughts of the mystery and wonders of the sea. All of the ingredients and products used in this innovative and most therapeutic of massage tools are, in keeping with our ‘green’ concept, biodegradable and recyclable.

Custom spa therapy package

Enjoy the flexibility of creating your own Tirta Spa experience, in a way that is tailored to your personal needs and requirements.


2 hrs & 45 mins Php 9,185 nett per person

* hot ginger tea drink * foot scrub ritual * underwater green forest body mask – (seaweed, kelp and algae) * vichy rain shower * sea salt flower hot bath and * Hot Puka Shell Massage

The treatment begins with a seaweed body mask, with ingredients sourced from the garden beneath the sea and applied all over your body by a therapist. The finest quality seaweed, harvested in unpolluted waters at the most nutritious point of the plant's growth cycle, means that the client enjoys both the benefits of the highest quality ingredients and derives the best value. The chlorophyll and high iodine content of the seaweed family stimulate both metabolism and circulation, reducing cellulite and fluid retention and resulting in better skin cell regeneration and improved balance within. Following the body mask, you continue to detox in the hot bath with sea salt to deeply penetrate the complete ingredients in your body, after which you will be rinsed under a Vichy rain shower.

After that, you then return to your massage bed to experience our ECO-FRIENDLY HOT PUKA SHELL MASSAGE - it is a medium pressure therapy and an excellent choice for deeper relaxation and meditation. The hot shells also encourage the removal of toxin from cells and help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

The rejuvenating, healing power of the ocean is then applied to the body in the form of the hot puka sea-shells, which act as an exfoliant. Your therapist will add the massage oil of your choice, blended from the highest quality essential oils and heated, serving to enhance the healing benefits of this Hot Puka Sea-Shell Massage and ensuring that you experience the healing power of the sea.



Each original clam shell that we use has been collected in an eco-friendly way. Tirta Spa Tiger-Striped Clam shells, gathered from the shores of The Philippines, have historically only been harvested for their meat. Recycling the shells in this way, without waste, for use as one of our therapeutic tools, enhances this innovative new feature of our holistic treatments and is just one of the ways that we at Tirta Spa play our part in helping the environment.


The LAVA GEL tea bag that is placed inside the shell, contains calcium and iron and has been developed using self-heating technology. By combining a blend of food-grade minerals and underwater flora such as kelp, algae and seaweed, mixed with sea water, the Perfect Temperature system creates a constant, reliable and powerful heat, without the use of electricity. These simple, all-natural ingredients create no harmful by-products and are environmentally friendly.


What to expect from a Hot Puka Sea-Shell Massage

When you lie down on the massage bed, your therapist will begin by performing on you the Tirta traditional stretching, whilst waiting for the sea-shell to heat up. Once it has reached optimum heat, the hot shell will be used to massage your skin. The warmth that the sea-shell transmits will penetrate deeply into your body, whilst, at the same time, absorbing all the cold and imbalances from your body, encouraging the flow of the chi energy in order for you to once again experience a sense of re-balance. How long the heat in the shells lasts for depends upon how cold your body is inside – if you require a lot of heat, the shells

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To complete the healing essence of the sea from the hot shells and the seaweed body mask, that creates the most therapeutic holiday experience of all,

Add Marine Collagen Facial

45 mins

Our Marine Collagen is extracted from natural seaweed (variety Porphyra tenera). The collagen is free of any animal products and is grown, harvested and processed in accordance with the strict principles adopted in the creation of such products. Marine Collagen stimulates the synthesis of collagen, which is crucial for healthy, youthful skin. Therefore, whilst on holiday, enjoying time under the sun and in the sea, Marine Collagen should be considered as an important, integral part of your skin care regime.


HOT PUKA SEA-SHELL MASSAGE – Experience this holistic treatment for the first time at a Philippine spa!

A newly-discovered, anti-ageing secret beauty tool for the spa industry’s most discerning clients.

At Tirta Spa, we named our new eco-friendly spa therapy, “Hot Puka Sea-Shell Massage,” after “Puka Beach” – a long, windswept beach on the northern tip of Boracay Island, made up entirely of shells (jewels of the ocean), particularly Puka shells that the locals gather and make into items of jewelry to sell. For hundreds of years, Philippine Islanders have harvested beautiful Tiger-Striped Clams for food and then thrown the shells away. Now, Tirta Spa has turned these discarded shells into the world’s most powerful heated massage tool.

will cool quickly and will need to be heated again for a few minutes before treatment can continue and your body receives the amount of heat that it requires. Once the therapy is completed, the shells will have absorbed all the imbalances and negativity in the body and your chi energy within is balanced once again.

Home Care

Enjoy a Tirta Spa experience everyday. You may now bring the spirit of the seashore back to your home, experiencing the healing elements and power of the ocean

Enjoy our HOT PUKA SHELL MASSAGE at home - the most eco-friendly massage tool in all holistic therapy today. Purchase your own home-care kit, containing two shells, ten heat activator charges and a bottle of specially blended massage oil.

(The whole above treatment can also be experienced at Prashant Spa).