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Massage is the most accessible and therapeutic tool to integrate into our busy, stressful lives today. We, at Tirta Spa, care about nothing more than the wellness of our clients and aromatherapy, an ancient method of healing, forms an integral part of our massage therapies. Massage has consistently been found to be at its most effective when combined with "pure aromatherapy oil" in order to maximize the wellness benefits.

The massage oils that we use in our therapies have all been personally created and blended by Tirta Spa Owner and Spa Director, Ms. En Calvert, a certified aromatherapist, using only the highest quality essential oils. These oil blends are an integral part of the elements that make Tirta Spa so unique!”

Tirta Spa's bespoke high quality blended massage oils that we uses in our massages are now available to order. Clients may study our menu below and select particular blends to suit individual requirements.

TIRTA SPA MASSAGE OIL Php 1,250 nett / 100ml

These synergistic blends of the finest 100% pure and efficacious essential oils from different parts of the world, mixed with the highest quality almond carrier oils, can also be used as body or bath oil at home.

QUENCHER – An after-sun oil used for hydrating and balancing, relieving skin tension by stimulating and rejuvenating the skin, thereby creating an elasticity and for soothing sun‐burnt skin. In aromatherapy, this blend is used to help reduce tension, insomnia and lessen anxiety. It is also a powerful detoxifier and liver booster and a good antidepressant.

HEALING – This blend is beneficial for the respiratory system (good for bronchitis, colds, flu, sinusitis, fever) as well as the immune system. It is deeply relaxing and is ideal for mental exhaustion as well as soothing muscular aches and pains.

UPLIFTING & DETOXIFYING – this blend was considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians. It is know articularly for its powers of memory enhancement as well as relieving mental and nervous exhaustion, muscular weakness, rheumatism / arthritis, gout and sciatica. A powerful detoxifier, this blend helps to eliminate toxins, aids poor circulation and reduces fluid retention.

Contraindications: Neither to be used during pregnancy nor by people with epilepsy.

DEEPLY RELAXING - the perfect blend for reducing stress and tension. This oil calms, relaxes tight muscles, relieves pain, promotes restful sleep, eases PMS, counters depression and reduces high blood pressure.

"Pure Aromatherapy" in ABUNDANCE

TIRTA POTION – (personalised for individual client's condition) An individually-tailored blend designed to treat the ailments discussed in consultation with a client. The Spa Director, an aromatherapist, is available for consultation by appointment only.

Consultation - First you will complete a form which assists the aromatherapist in assessing your emotional state. In order to treat ailments most effectively, I require some background information from the client, including recent personal medical history and a summary of the lifestyle of the client and to answer some questions which help to evaluate your overall situation. Once the consultation is over, the aromatherapist will personally blend an appropriate mix of essential oils which will target your particular ailment and instruct you in how the particular oils should be used.

Rest assured, however, that this information is recorded in the strictest confidence and is used solely for the purpose of treating the issues discussed during consultation.

For those clients with more specific ailments, there is no consultation fee. However, when I blend oils for an individual client, the minimum order should be four (4) bottles 100ml and the charge for this is Php 5,000 nett.

AROMATHERAPEUTIC BLENDS OF ANY SPECIFIC ILLNESS; for massage or bath e.g: for stress, relaxation, cough/cold/flu, high blood pressure, pre‐menstrual syndrome or tension, allergy/eczema, depression & mental exhaustion

How to order:

Please call Tirta Spa. Kindly take note that, due to the climate on Boracay Island and in order to ensure that our pure aromatherapy massage oils are as effective and therapeutic as possible, the oils will be blended only once an order and payment has been received. It is not recommended to hold stocks, as time spent sitting on shelves in the heat diminishes the effectiveness of the oils.

From your resort: If you would like to order from your resort or hotel, please be advised that all orders should be paid for in cash to Tirta Spa staff or designated person before delivery of each order to your resort or shop.