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Pampered Face

Facial treatments involve traditional deep cleansing, steaming, masking, toning and facial massage with the use of acupressure, lymphatic and aromatherapeutic massage to achieve better complexion and give it an invigorated glow. Old skin is gently sloughed off, revealing the next fresh layer that is smoother, softer and vitally refreshed. A specially formulated cream is gently lathered on the face to finish the treatment.


1 hour

Give your face a healthy glow and bring out its natural radiance through the beneficial effects of natural organic ingredients and aromatherapy massage, using only pure essential oils to help refresh, purify, restore balance and rejuvenate your skin.


1 hour

This facial soothes the skin and alleviates the damage from prolonged exposure to the sun. It relieves skin inflammation and restores skin tone, providing a skin-balancing effect. The treatment includes a moisturizing mask of organic clay and honey which increases the vitamin levels in the skin, thus assisting in prevention of skin blemishes and premature ageing.

For THE FACE OF TIRTA & AFTER SUN FACIAL, we are using Botanical skin care products from Australia

“A foot scrub ritual and relaxation with a herbal tea drink are included in all treatment time, in one of our luxurious Royal Suite Villas”