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We are pleased to accept reservations made online at anytime.

However, kindly be advised that reservations will be confirmed only when full payment has been received.

If you are happy to pay in advance please let us know and we shall send you the details and procedure for remitting funds.

Should you opt not to pay in advance, your reservation will be confirmed only on a first come, first served, walk-in basis. This ensures that we do not turn walk-in clients away, only to find that we lose business when, later, clients with reservations fail to show up for their appointments and, too, that subsequent appointments may be kept in a timely manner.

Should you fail to arrive punctually for your appointment, we reserve the right to release your appointed time to walk-in clients, or to clients who are prepared to confirm their booking with advance payment.

If you are unable to pay in advance, but would like the best chance of securing a confirmed appointment, we strongly recommend that you schedule your treatment to start before 12 noon.

Also view our Spa's General Info for more information.